Author’s Insights: Preference is now available on YouTube

This video was produced as part of a new series called “Author’s Insights” that will feature authors of Open Lab publications discussing their work. The videos will feature brief summaries and additional insights for the publications. In this video, Chris talks about his 2007 DETC and 2009 JMD papers, “Including preference in anthropometry-driven models for […]

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Open Design Lab podcasts are now available on iTunes

In addition to mirroring audio-only versions of our YouTube videos, we plan to feature shorter commentaries on our research with a more frequent update schedule. Tune in to hear Open Lab authors give insight and background for their papers, learn about new topics in the field, and hear about our research in a less technical […]

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AnthroTools 1.1 is now available

This latest update includes interface and performance enhancements. AnthroTools is a mobile web app that contains a suite of tools for Design for Human Variability, including a multivariate accommodation calculator, proportionality calculator, and NHAN…

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A suite of multivariate test cases for anthropometry-based design

One of the proposed test cases is the cab geometry of material handling equipment.

This work presents a test suite of three design problems involving spatial fit-based interactions between users and the product. The test suite is demonstrated in the context of an actual and synthesized target user population which are compared for an assessment of the multidimensional fidelity of an anthropometry synthesis method.

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Application of the generational variety index: a retrospective study of iPhone evolution

iPhone Generations use in GVI analysis

The results of the analysis and subsequent design recommendations are compared with the actual design evolution of the iPhone product line. For certain subsystems, this comparison reveals a divergence in Apple’s design decision-making from the evolution recommended by the GVI technique.

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Strategic product design for multiple global markets

Three platforming strategies for global product design.

Based on an understanding of the current state of knowledge, this paper outlines three broad top-down design strategies to satisfy varying user, business, and regulatory requirements across target markets, and to do so in a resource-efficient manner.

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Techniques, tools, and representations for solving design problems considering anthropometry

Several of the information presentation strategies examined in this dissertation.

The quality of available education, solution techniques, and tools for designers considering user body size in the development of products and environments varies widely. The objective of this work is to investigate the current state of affairs in these areas, propose new or improved methods and tools where appropriate, and evaluate these tools.

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