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Design optimization of a fully-compliant bistable micro-mechanism

In this paper, fully-compliant bistable micromechanisms were modeled using finite elements. This model was then coupled with an optimization program, allowing extensive exploration of the design space. The study revealed that the minimum layout size increases with the maximum force output.

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Multicriteria optimization in product platform design

A product platform is a set of common components, modules or parts from which a stream of derivative products can be created. Product platform design requires selection of the shared parts and assessment of the potential sacrifices in individual product performance that result from parts sharing. A multicriteria optimization problem can be formulated to study such decisions in a quantitative

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A parametric approach to the optimization-based design of compliant mechanisms

Several optimization-based strategies have been proposed for compliant mechanism design that do not rely on the experience or intuition of the designer. This paper demonstrates an optimization-based method wherein compliant mechanisms are modeled parametrically within an optimization and a finite element analysis package. Topological optimization is performed to minimize an objective function representing the fitness of the design. This methodology

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