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Center of pressure excursion capability in performance of seated lateral-reaching tasks

Seated center of pressure excursion capability can be used for patient evaluation in a clinical setting and in universal design. A quantification of excursion capability across age and anthropometry has not been previously reported, although some research suggests that the ischial tuberosities are the support structure limiting the excursion. Methods. Thirty-eight neurologically healthy adults ranging in age from 21 to

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Assessing the validity of kinematically generated reach envelopes for simulations of vehicle operators

Assessments of reach capability using human figure models are commonly performed by exercising each joint of a kinematic chain, terminating in the hand, through the associated ranges of motion. The result is a reach envelope determined entirely by the segment lengths, joint degrees of freedom, and joint ranges of motion. In this paper, the validity of this approach is assessed

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A new approach to modeling driver reach

The articulated segments of the figure model are exercised to simulate reaching motions and driver capabilities are calculated from the constraints of the kinematic model.

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Maintaining balance in seated reaches

This paper details a method for investigating the role of balance in seated reaches and presents preliminary results.

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