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Body size of German civilians

A virtual population, equivalent to the proprietary one, was synthesized. This new population can be used in next-generation DfHV tools.

In collaboration with Sascha Wischniewski and his colleagues, Dominik Bonin and Alexander Grötsch, we have made stature, mass, and BMI data for German civilians publicly available. This is an updated sample, based on the first wave of the German Health and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1). The data were collected from adults aged 18-67 years from 2008-2011. The data are

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The role of anthropometry in designing for sustainability

This paper focuses on anthropometry and proposes three ways in which its consideration is relevant to Design for Sustainability: reducing raw material consumption, increasing usage lifetimes, and ethical human resource considerations.

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A suite of multivariate test cases for anthropometry-based design

This work presents a test suite of three design problems involving spatial fit-based interactions between users and the product. The test suite is demonstrated in the context of an actual and synthesized target user population which are compared for an assessment of the multidimensional fidelity of an anthropometry synthesis method.

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Application of the generational variety index: a retrospective study of iPhone evolution

The results of the analysis and subsequent design recommendations are compared with the actual design evolution of the iPhone product line. For certain subsystems, this comparison reveals a divergence in Apple’s design decision-making from the evolution recommended by the GVI technique.

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Strategic product design for multiple global markets

Based on an understanding of the current state of knowledge, this paper outlines three broad top-down design strategies to satisfy varying user, business, and regulatory requirements across target markets, and to do so in a resource-efficient manner.

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Techniques, tools, and representations for solving design problems considering anthropometry

The quality of available education, solution techniques, and tools for designers considering user body size in the development of products and environments varies widely. The objective of this work is to investigate the current state of affairs in these areas, propose new or improved methods and tools where appropriate, and evaluate these tools.

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