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Optimizing truck cab layout for driver accommodation


One important source of variability in the performance and success of products designed for use by people is the people themselves. In many cases, the acceptability of the design is affected more by the variability in the human users than by the variability attributable to the hardware from which the product is constructed. Designing for human variability as an inherent

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Optimizing vehicle occupant packaging

Contrasting results using different approaches to DfHV in the packaging of a passenger vehicle.

A case study involving the layout of the interior of a passenger car is presented, focusing on simultaneous placement of the seat and steering wheel adjustment ranges. Tradeoffs between adjustability, driver accommodation, and exterior vision are explored under this paradigm. These results are contrasted with those obtained using boundary manikins.

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Center of pressure excursion capability in performance of seated lateral-reaching tasks

The Center of Pressure excursion capability in lateral reaches.

Seated center of pressure excursion capability can be used for patient evaluation in a clinical setting and in universal design. A quantification of excursion capability across age and anthropometry has not been previously reported, although some research suggests that the ischial tuberosities are the support structure limiting the excursion. Methods. Thirty-eight neurologically healthy adults ranging in age from 21 to

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