Body size of German civilians

A virtual population, equivalent to the proprietary one, was synthesized. This new population can be used in next-generation DfHV tools.

In collaboration with Sascha Wischniewski and his colleagues, Dominik Bonin and Alexander Grötsch, we have made stature, mass, and BMI data for German civilians publicly available. This is an updated sample, based on the first wave of the German Health and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1). The data were collected from adults aged 18-67 years from 2008-2011. The data are

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The role of anthropometry in designing for sustainability

This paper focuses on anthropometry and proposes three ways in which its consideration is relevant to Design for Sustainability: reducing raw material consumption, increasing usage lifetimes, and ethical human resource considerations.

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Iron Lion Design Challenge II

The Iron Lion Design Challenge II took place in May. In the second year of the Challenge, it grew to 13 students and many faculty and industry collaborators, who collaborated on a variety of design projects, including a universally-designed portable appliance and an improved gripper, among others.

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