I am an Associate Professor at Penn State University and hold appointments in Engineering Design (primary), Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. In addition to conducting research, I direct the Engineering Design Program and the Center for Research in Design and Innovation (CRDI) and teach undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

I conduct research in a D-f-X area called Design for Human Variability. DfHV combines rigorous design tools such as optimization, robust design, and statistical modeling with human-centered fields such as ergonomics, human factors, and biomechanics. The primary objective of my work is to enable the design of artifacts, tasks, and environments that are robust to variability in users.

The OPEN Design Lab at Penn State University is where my students and I conduct research in the application of rigorous design methodologies to the design of artifacts and environments for people.

Recent Publications

Estimating Anthropometry with Microsoft Kinect, Proceedings of the 2nd International Digital Human Modeling Symposium, M. Robinson and M. B. Parkinson (2013)

Limiting disproportionate disaccommodation in design for human variability, Ergonomics, Charlotte de Vries, Matthew B Parkinson (2013)

A suite of multivariate test cases for anthropometry-based design, Proceedings of the 2nd International Digital Human Modeling Symposium, Nadadur, G. and Parkinson, M. (2013)

+1 from the Archive

Considering installer and occupant variability in FMVSS202a compliance, Invited presentation at IQPC Innovations in Automotive Seating Conference, Parkinson, M. B. (2007)

Contact Information

Matthew B. Parkinson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering
Director, Engineering Design Program
Director, Center for Research in Design and Innovation
The Pennsylvania State University
213K Hammond Building
University Park, PA 16802
+1 (814) 863-9079